Anti-estrogens in bodybuilding

Favorite theme of athletes who use "chemistry" is a comprehensive praise of the strengths of various anabolics. But you, of course, understand that any medal has two sides. One of the most unpleasant aspects of the use of steroids is the emergence of aromatization. Let's see what it is. If expressed in scientific terms, aromatization is a process that modifies an androgenically active substance into estrogen. If someone does not understand - translate. It is clear that most of the used steroids are based on testosterone - the sex hormone of the male half of the population. And because of this in the drugs, androgenic activity is observed. And already the aromatization turns the drug into derivatives of estrogen, the main sex hormone of women.

That's increasing the number of female hormones in men above the norm. And this, in turn, causes a number of undesirable side effects. For example, there is a phenomenon of gynecomastia - the development of the male breast, but the female way. That is, the skin around the nipples acquires additional fat deposits. Of course, surgical procedures will easily correct this "trouble", but not everyone will want to lie down under the scalpel. And yet, estrogen will lead you to the fact that your body will retain a large amount of fat and water. And think about how your beautiful body will look like. What can be done to avoid the process of aromatization. The answer is the use of antiestrogenic drugs.

The biochemical side of the question

Let's see how the anti-estrogen acts on our body. So, almost all steroids undergo the process of aromatization as follows: the molecules of steroids in the blood are in a free state. After a while, there is an interaction with aromatase - a special enzyme that modifies the steroid into estrogen. By the way, there is no reverse process. After this, estrogen acquires an estrogen receptor, and this, in turn, causes a corresponding effect, which depends on where this receptor is located. So, estrogen receptors located in the chest, will cause this very gynecomastia. And other parts of the body may be subjected to even worse effects. So, there are two ways to avoid aromatization. The first is the blocking of the connection of the steroid with the aromatase. The second is the blocking of the second described process. Preparations of the first kind are called anti-aromatase. The second is estrogen antagonists.

Antiaromatous preparations

Antiaromatazny act as follows: the molecule of this drug during the entry into the blood is attached to the aromatase in the same way as the steroid is connected. That's just the transformation into estrogen does not happen. Consequently, aromatase is "occupied", and the steroid molecules unhindered to fulfill their role. Next is a list of preparations of this kind.

Proviron, as a medical product is used to treat male sexual ailments. It differs from conventional anabolic steroids in that it reveals unique properties of so-called anti-aromatase activity. Getting into the body, it actively begins to act not only with aromatase, like other anabolics, but also with androgen receptors. Among other things, proviron gives the muscles a firm state, as it improves blood flow in the veins, increases the relief and density of the muscle. Why is this effect achieved? Specialists have so far expressed only suggestions about the fact that there is a decrease in the number of estrogen receptors. The daily intake of this steroid should be selected individually, taking into account the dose of other anabolics. For example, 25 mg of proviron per day will be enough to avoid aromatization with a total dose of testosterone 250 mg per week. As a rule, the standard reception of proviron is limited from 25 mg to 50 mg per day. The drug is taken from 2 weeks to one month.

Citadren or aminoglutethemide is a synthetic anti-aromatase drug. Basically, citadren is more interesting among bodybuilders than as an anti-estrogen, but as an effective and almost unique protective agent in the body from the rise and growth of the hormone cortisol, which interferes with the synthesis of protein. The daily amount of the drug should not be more than 250 mg. This dose of citadrene is sufficient to avoid aromatization when taking 750 mg of testosterone for 7 days. However, it should be remembered that if there is a genetic predisposition of your body, then such weight distribution can cause side effects, such as lethargy and depression. Closely monitor your health. Especially in case you want to use the drug as a cortisol suppressant, and its dosage is overestimated and reaches one gram per day. In this case, side effects are detected much more strongly. The cytodrene half-life is an average of seven hours, and therefore its daily dose is divided into several methods. One course of cidadren should not exceed one - one and a half months.

Arimidex is today considered among the most powerful and effective synthetic antiaromatous medical devices. One milligram of arimidex gives the same effect as the two hundred and fifty milligrams of citadren (daytime norm). A much longer half-life of this drug (within 60 hours) simply warns that it should not be taken every day. A major drawback of its use is the high price of this tool and therefore it is not widely available for most users.

Estrogen antagonists

Estrogen antagonists after ingestion into the human body do not fight with aromatization. They have another function and another application. Molecular formulations of this group have an interesting and useful property to occupy receptors in the body without awakening them to activity, and thus neutralize them and do not allow the estrogen to connect to the receptor, since it is occupied, and therefore does not allow for aromatization. Therefore, estrogen antagonists are indispensable when using a few types of steroids that work without interacting with aromatase. The most striking example of such an anabolic steroid is the drug "nandrolone".


What is Nolvadex? The commercial name of the drug sounds like tamoxifen citrate. Many, probably, do not even know what it is for. The answer is quite simple, this drug is used in the treatment of breast cancer in the beautiful half of humanity. A similar substance affects both estrogen in some tissues and as an antagonist of estrogen - in others. Nolvadex can be taken in parallel with anabolic steroids, the drug favors the development of muscles of the most robust and relief type. However, there have been cases when people who used the drug at the same time as steroid courses, argued that it slightly reduces the effectiveness of the course. Obviously, this happens because nolvadex, acting as an anti-estrogen in the liver, reduces the performance of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). The steroid guru, Dan Duchaine, really expressed a completely different view: "Testosterone is not an anabolic, it takes this condition only when the level of estrogen in the body increases, then it fully manifests its properties. The anabolic efficacy of most steroids decreases, precisely because of synchronous reception of nolvadex. " Nevertheless, there are people who, in parallel with the course, use "heavy steroid artillery" such as sustanon or anapolone or, on the contrary, risk taking rather large dosages, there is nothing to beware of. But for those who are still afraid for their health and choose softer low-androgenic steroids (primobolan, vinstrol), it is necessary to think about whether it is worthwhile, in general, to take also nolvadex synchronously. The usual dosage of this drug per day is approximately 10-40 mg per day. The drug is used as a regular medicine, once or twice a day is necessary during meals and washed down with water.

Clomid (clomiphene citrate).

It is often used to activate ovulation in women. The microparticle of clomiphene is very similar to the tamoxifen microparticle, in connection with this the two drugs have strongly similar substances, counteracting the microparticles of estrogen. With all this, clomiphene is considered a synthetic estrogen! But, alas, this medicine is much less effective, if we consider it as an anti-estrogen. But comparing clomid with nolvadex, you can see that it has properties that restore spermogenesis and the degree of testosterone production in the human body, exerting a direct influence on the arch of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles. Clomid performs this quality more suitable for use at the end of the steroid course. Medical experiments of clomid indicate that the use of it by men in strong dosages (100 mg per day) of 1 year duration did not lead to any side effects. Typically, 25 mg of clomid per day is sufficient, in order to protect yourself from side effects from 400 mg of nandrolone per week. The medicine is used once or twice after a meal, washed down with water.

Thus, we examined two groups of drugs that can help you to protect yourself from most side effects, the flavoring effect. However, there is also a third series of anti-estrogens - "self-destructive inhibitors". These drugs destroy aromatase microparticles, self-destructing in this process. Still, the drugs of this group are not used in the market today in theory. There is also a drug such as Lentaron, but it is still being tested.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the use of steroids, which are easily flavored, the most effective effect is the combined use of the second group of drugs. For example, taking 10-30 mg of nolvadex and 25-50 mg of proviron every day, preserve the body from the harmful effects of estrogen accumulations. But there is a golden rule: dosages of antiestrogens should be treated with utmost care, as well as other dosages. Yes, and the body needs estrogen, though in small quantities. Therefore, a complete blocking of estrogen will undoubtedly lead to side effects. Among them, you can see a decrease in libido, depression and bad mood. The main thing is to observe the measure.